You Are Dead by Peter James

You are Dead is my first Peter James novel, it is the 11th book in the Roy Grace series, but can be read as a standalone as many of the references to previous books are explained by the author.

DI Roy Grace is recently married and a new father at the age of 40. Ten years ago his first wife, Sandy, disappeared. Now he is married to Cleo, Chief Mortician, and they have a baby son named Noah. They have bought a home in the country and are looking forward to the move.

It’s just a few days before Christmas when a young woman disappears. Then another. Soon it is obvious that the victims have a lot of physical similarities.

It’s beginning to look like Brighton has it’s first serial killer in over 80 years. Nicknamed the “Brighton Brander“, his MO is to burn “U R Dead” on his victims after abducting them and keeping them in a coffin-like container while he terrorizes them. When workmen uncover skeletons buried under a paved path which is being dug up, it is discovered that the current abductions may also be related to murders many years before.

This book is compelling reading for anyone who enjoys a thriller.