Appleby Farm by Cathy Bramley

indexIf you have ever wanted to live on a quaint English farm, slob around in gumboots and gather eggs, then this is the romance for you!  Appleby Farm is the wonderful continuation of Ivy Lane by Cathy Bramley.  Set in the Cumbrian Hills of the Lake District is this idyllic farm, home to Aunt Sue and Uncle Ben and a huge part of Freya Moorcrofts childhood!  Feisty, energetic and sweet Freya Moorcroft first appeared in Ivy Lane and works in a coffee shop not far from the allotments.  Charlie the fireman is her new dalliance and life is good, if a little predictable, until a phone call changes everything.  Uncle Arthur has a heart attack and Freya flies to her childhood home to be there for her Aunt and Uncle in their time of need.  In a very short time she realises the farm is in financial trouble and Freya begins to dream and plan to save it.  As she breathes new life in to the farm with crazy ideas for glamping and tea rooms, she soon discovers loveable new friends, support from her Ivy Lane friends and reconnects with her childhood friends, in particular neighbouring farmer Harry.  As Freya dreams of expansion to the farm, she realises she has dreams of her own.  A charmingly simple narrative style, beautiful setting and lovely everyday characters, this is a read full of hope, romance and some great laugh out loud moments.