Dead Man’s Time by Peter James

With Dead Man’s Time Peter James writes his usual great thriller, with his appealing character Detective Superintendent Roy Grace taking the central role once again.

It is an intriguing tale and while it is largely set in 2012, it flashes back to 1912 to lay out the initial details of the New York gangland crime which remains unresolved a century later. Some of the same characters and their descendants appear in both time frames which adds immensely to the suspense of the story.

In 2012, the story also begins with a brutal murder as well as the theft of priceless antiques including a damaged but very precious watch which is linked to the 1912 mystery disappearance of a little boy and girl’s father in New York.

Century old grudges are laid bare and revenge is sought by a range of people, including family members of both victims, and other shady characters with varying reasons for either wanting to lay their hands on the watch or wanting Roy Grace and his family dead.

After suspenseful twists and turns, the plot is satisfactorily resolved and the reader finally learns the answers to the questions about the past that have been so enigmatic all the way through.

I can highly recommend this book.