April 26


Tehran, Lipstick and Loopholes by Nahal Tajadod

Post by Voula.tehran

Tehran, Lipstick and Loopholes appealed to me because although Australian born, I am a daughter of migrant parents and my husband was born overseas. The author, Nahal Tajadod was born and raised in Tehran but resides with her husband and daughter in Paris.

Her hilarious account of a ten day stay in Tehran while she attempted to renew her passport is captivating, witty and although over the top at times, it describes daily life in modern Iran. I believe due to this and my experience of bureaucracy in a foreign country, I was completely enthralled with the author’s predicament and how she navigated towards her goal.

Nahal took me on a journey that I would ordinarily never go on and I felt the sheer frustration that she encountered while she attempted to undertake a seemingly simple, everyday task born of necessity. Nahal describes in vivid detail the characters she meets along the way on her quest to renew her passport and this further allowed me to empathise, cringe and rejoice with her.