Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Post by Katie and Michele.eleanor and park

Eleanor & Park is a young adult love story about two misfits set over one school year in 1986 in Omaha, Nebraska. Eleanor is the new kid in town and is bullied because she is overweight and a bit different. On the school bus she meets Park, a half-Korean high school kid who has never felt at home in white Omaha. Park begrudgingly lets Eleanor sit next to him on the bus, as he knows that she will be tormented by the cool kids.

Their love is slow to blossom, but as they share their love of music and comics, they realise how comfortable they feel with one another.  They come from completely different backgrounds; Park comes from a loving, stable family, whereas Eleanor comes from a broken home with an abusive step-father.  They both find something in each other that complements their eccentricities.

This is an honest and intense look at teenage love with an ending that stays with you long after you finish the book.