Green Vanilla Tea

Green Vanilla Tea by Marie Williams.

Post by Robyn55.

Imagine that your beloved husband suddenly starts changing into someone you can hardly recognise. His habits, personality, and temperament start to change and he becomes hostile and confused. What would you think?

For Marie Williams this became her living nightmare as her once kind, gentle husband slowly deteriorated and she had no idea why.

Dominic was only in his early forties when he started to change, so her first thought was not dementia as he appeared too young. Sadly, this was not the case, and eventually he was diagnosed with a type of early onset dementia and motor-neurone disease. This diagnosis would eventually prove to be terminal – but not before the Williams family (she has two sons as well who were in their teens) had their lives turned upside down.

This book is about the life they crafted for their declining father and husband, and themselves. It is a beautiful story full of love and compassion, and quite few tears as well. Ultimately the book has a sad ending – Dominic does die, but it is not a sad book, rather a story of a brave family and their fight for Dominic to have quality of life and respect to the very last.

Marie proved to be a remarkable woman and this is a remarkable book. I would say it should be required reading for any one facing this dreadful disease. Do read it!