A Twist of the Knife

A Twist of the Knife by Peter James.

Post by Robyn55.

This book is a collection of very, very scary short stories written by the author of the famous (infamous)? Roy Grace detective series. An accomplished author, Peter James takes his reader on a thrill ride with every story. All the tales are beautifully crafted, with indeed ‘a twist of the knife’ in every story. Some of these small but powerful stories are genuinely disturbing. Try page 305 or 263 – both have similar themes. (See, now you have to read the book!)

To engage the reader in any work of fiction is challenging, but to do it in a few pages is really very clever, and Peter James achieves this in every one of these little masterpieces. I use that word (masterpiece) because that is what he has written – little masterpieces.

If you like your books to have a dash of the supernatural or the macabre, or just murderous intent, then this is for you. Each story is completely realised. So you can dip in and out whenever you have a small chunk of time, unlike a whole novel. Like a ‘smart phone’ this is a ‘smart book’.