May 25


Why it’s perfectly acceptable to eat desert for breakfast

Eat Desert for BreakfastWhy it is perfectly acceptable to eat desert for breakfast by Nicole Joy

Finally! A reason to eat desert for breakfast without the accompanying guilt!

This is a fantastic book  written by Nicole Joy contains over 40 gluten free, dairy free, sugar free recipes. Nicole’s foreword gives you an insight into her torturous relationship with food that resulted in the need to make dramatic changes to her diet. It was this journey of self-healing and food discovery led her to create this wonderful cookbook. When you read the recipes  you just can’t wait to get into the kitchen and start cooking these tasty nutritious raw deserts. These recipes can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner and of course desert. Nicole doesn’t use processed sugars, gluten, dairy or colours and preservatives. Instead her recipes use nuts, dates, Cacao power, coconut milk, honey and vanilla pods, to name a few. What I loved was the simplicity in making the recipes as the base is made in a food processor and the toping in a blender and voila  before you know it you have made your delicious desert. Bon Appetite!