July 04


The Uncommon Reader

Pciture of The Uncommon Reader

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett

The Uncommon Reader has been written by the Tony Award winning playwright and author Alan Bennett. Bennett has been brought into the spotlight more recently by the movie “The Lady in the Van”. The Uncommon Reader takes us on a literary journey with the Queen of England. The Queen while out walking the corgi’s stumbles upon the Mobile Library and feels duty bound to borrow a book and at the same time meets a palace kitchen hand who loves to read. What follows is a delightful journey with the Queen  whose reading choices are guided by the kitchen hand.  It’s is through her literary education that the Queen not only discovers her love of reading but she also changes her perspective on the world much the alarm of her advisors and the Prime Minister. What follows is a hilarious look at palace and political life tied together with a tongue in cheek view that reading is elitist. The Uncommon Reader is a delightful snapshot of the relationship between readers and their books.