The Book of Lies

The Book of Lies by James Moloney.

Post by Brooke Hawthorn.

When I first picked up “The Book of Lies”, I was captivated from the first chapter. The adventure on which our main characters embark is exciting and with so many secrets and half-truths, the story is compelling to the very last page.

When a 12 year old boy wakes up in an orphanage with no memory of who he is, other than a name which he knows is not his, he must find the answer about himself and his past. With the help of his new found friend Bea, he learns his real name is Marcel. When it’s revealed that the enchanted Book of Lies (a book that can tell truth from lies) has something to do with Marcel’s missing memories, Marcel and Bea must try to uncover its secrets. With the help of two of his fellow orphans, Fergus and Nicola (who also aren’t who they think they are) Marcel might just be able to uncover his lost memories.

James Moloney is an Australian author who trained as a teacher and then later became a teacher–librarian. He published his first book Crossfire is 1992, and has since gone on to write more than 40 other books.