Sweet Thing

Sweet Thing by Renee Carlino


Post by Melissa.


Sweet Thing is a beautifully written narrative that I couldn’t put down. It tells the story of Mia Kelly, an Ivy League graduate and classically trained pianist, who uproots her life when her father dies suddenly, and takes over the running of his Café in New York City. On the plane to New York she meets Will; a cute, sweet and charming guitar player. Soon after, Will and Mia become roommates and eventually best friends. Despite the obvious attraction between the two young musicians, Mia is determined not to get involved with him romantically. She has vowed to herself she won’t date a musician.


The combination of grief for the loss of her father and the suppression of her true feelings both for Will and her love of music create a void within Mia that she tries to fill with work and boring dates with a boring man.


We meet a cast of eclectic characters, as Mia eases into her father’s lifestyle. The novel twists and turns along Mia’s road to self-discovery. Mia’s aversion to relinquish control over the repressing rules she has set for herself is at times frustrating, but the growing friendship between her and Will is lovely to read.


Carlino has a poetic way with words and the story, like a love song, will play in your heart long after you put the book down. This is a book I didn’t realise I’d been looking for; one that sucks you in from the start and leaves you wanting more.