The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro on 5-21 August this year. These are some lovely books on the topic which have recently caught my eye.


The Story Of The Olympics by Richard Brassey.

This book is beautifully set out to appeal to children, and will entertain while informing in much the same way as the horrible histories series. It tells the story of the Olympic Games from their beginnings in Ancient Greece up to the modern days. Amusing facts are sprinkled throughout, such as:

For a thousand years Olympic competitors didn’t wear any clothes

In 1912 a marathon runner fell asleep by the roadside. He finished the course in 1966…

For nearly a century, women weren’t allowed to run the marathon – in case they exhausted themselves!

Olympics by Richard Platt from the Through Time series.

This book looks at the history of the world’s greatest international contest from it’s beginning to the present day. It is very informative and well illustrated with pictures by Manuela Cappon.

The Book Of Olympic Lists by David Wallechinsky & Jaime Loucky.

This book is a compendium of the best, worst, most delightful and just downright oddest moments in the Games’ illustrious history.

Australia at the Olympic Games by Sally Bullen.

This is an overview of every Olympic Games that Australia has participated in since 1896. See the special sections on the games which Australia has hosted in Melbourne (1956) and Sydney (2000).

The Official History of the Olympic Games and the IOC : Athens to London 1894-2012 by David Miller.

This is one of the most beautiful books on the games which I have seen, with a forward by HRH The Princess Royal. It is a large book for adults with lovely pictures and a comprehensive history of the Olympic Games. It is set out with the information in chapters on each place/year of the games.

From Athens With Pride: The Official History Of The Australian Olympic Movement 1894 to 2014 by Harry Gordon.

This book chronicles Australia’s involvement in the modern olympic games. It covers 120 years of Australia’s Olympic achievements, including the teams and medal winners. There are beautiful action-filled photos to document their athletic feats. The author is an official historian for the Australian Olympic Committee.


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