The Perplexing Theft of the Jewel in the Crown by Vaseem Khan

dianeI really enjoyed the first book in this series, “The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra” so when I heard about book two – The perplexing theft of the jewel in the crown – I had to read it. It’s wonderful to be back in Mumbai with Chopra, Poppy and the baby elephant Ganesha!

In this book, Chopra has now retired and set up his own detective agency. The story is about a jewel theft, but there are also some marvellous side plots and investigations going on as well.

I love Chopra’s relationship with his wife Poppy, and I think it’s brilliant that author Vaseem Khan weaves Poppy’s own tales into the book so well. Another thing Vaseem does really well is include Indian history and politics, but without being heavy and without you realising that you’re actually getting a bit of a history lesson as well as a good story.

I love these books and I love Vaseem Khan’s writing style, easy to follow, with twists and turns reuniting old characters from the first book and delving deeper into the colourful sights, smells and people of the wonderful city of Mumbai.

Highly recommended and I hope there is more to come!