The Silent Inheritance by Joy Dettman

dianeThe Silent Inheritance engages you in a number of story lines, it is the first book of Joy Dettman’s that I’ve read.

Sarah Carter is a deaf single mum raising her 12 year old daughter Marni in a tiny granny flat in a backyard in suburban Melbourne. When one of Marni’s classmates goes missing, suspicion immediately turns to a serial killer who works in the area – named ‘The Freeway Killer’ because of his pattern of dumping the bodies of his victims on the side of freeways.

Detective Ross Hunter is investigating the latest disappearance and is led to Freddy Adam-Jones, a local barrister who is hiding a secret that would ruin his life and career.

It is a good thriller, easy to read and has you in suspense until the very end of the book where you can finally link all the dots but are still surprised at the ending