A Shadow Year.

A Shadow Year by Hannah Richell.

Post by Sandra Taylor.

I enjoyed reading  “A Shadow Year”  by Hannah Richell.  A group of young people decide to turn their backs on convention and society for a year and live out their dreams in an abandoned cottage In the wilds of the Peak District in England.  Living off the land they seem to be living a happy life-style until the winter months set in and the arrival of one of the friends’ sisters.  Unfortunately, events do not always go to plan and there are many pitfalls  in this seemingly idyllic life-style which the friends choose to follow.

There are many twists and turns of plot in this compelling novel of suspense, love, betrayal and also grief and sorrow.  There is also  a parallel story which is set 30 years later in  time  at the same abandoned cottage.  Destiny interweaves with the places and people, and the ending is not quite as would be expected but has an unpredictable and shocking  twist.

The scenery of the hills, the colours of the countryside and  lake at the cottage  and the varying seasons bring into focus the striking  beauty of the Peak District and are a magnificent backdrop setting  to this incredible story of hope and friendship over  time.