No Man’s Nightingale

No Man’s Nightingale by Ruth Rendell

Post by Sandra Taylor.

A mystery novel by Ruth Rendell.  This novel appeals on many levels.  It is a fascinating insight into human foibles, prejudices and characteristics.

A retired detective assists a friend, who  has replaced him, in solving the mystery of a murder of a  vicar who had recently moved to the town.

I enjoyed reading about the different characters, the likely or unlikely motives, the lovely settings of an English town, the friendship between the detective and his police-officer friend and the comings and goings of the detective’s wife in the story and their lives.  It was also fascinating to read of the unlikely characters the detective would come across in his enquiries – who can he believe? Who may not be telling the truth? Who can he trust?

There are many twists and turns in this story, many fascinating insights but also set in normal everyday circumstances and lives which makes the story quite compelling to read and leaves the reader wondering  who may have been responsible for the crime.

Also of interest were the young characters portrayed in the novel, i.e. the grand-son of the retired detective and the daughter of the murdered vicar.  It was interesting to follow their friendship and romance as it progressed.  There was also a mystery surrounding the birth of the teenage daughter which may possibly have have been of interest in solving the mystery.

This novel is a wonderful and I now look forward to reading more of Ruth Rendell’s mystery novels.  The characters, the settings and the plot are all closely intertwined and make for a wonderful and enjoyable read.