The Bonesetter’s Daughter

The Bonesetter’s daughter is a haunting Chinese tale that reveals family truths and secrets that had been seemingly hidden in the confused corridors of an Alzheimer’s sufferers mind.

American born Ruth has always found her mother LuLing to be difficult, stubborn and unwilling to let go of her Chinese past. LuLing displays a reluctance to improve her English, choosing instead to speak in an embarrassing mashed up hodge-podge of Chinese-English. Much to Ruth’s annoyance, her mother still uses the entrenched Chinese habit of criticising the very things and people that she loves most. She also practices the traditional brush strokes of apparently useless writing that Ruth doesn’t understand. Or so Ruth believes, until one day when Ruth seeks the help of a translator who sheds light on LuLing’s writings. This unlocks Ruth’s family history. A history that she was unaware of. From the bones of Peking Man to her grandmother’s bones, Ruth unearths her heritage and the secrets of The Bonesetter’s Daughter.