November 18


The Informant by Thomas Perry

the-informantThe informant is a thriller and the third installment in the ‘Butcher’s Boy’ series by Thomas Perry.

The assassin known as ‘Butcher’s Boy’ who made an enemy of the Mafia in the first 2 books in the series, is now married and living in England under the name Michael Schaeffer. While his career has been as a hit man he nonetheless retains a semblance of humanity about him, and the reader almost becomes sympathetic to his character.

He has found great happiness with his new wife but his past catches up with him when a Mafia hit team comes after him to exact revenge for the murders committed during his earlier years. While he is able to kill the would-be assassins, he realises that he is a marked man and returns to the US to try to find a way of annihilating the threat against him. This leads to a cat and mouse game with the various Mafia families, resulting in a large number of killings across the country.

Elizabeth Waring of the US Justice Department has known of Schaeffer’s past career and becomes aware of what is going on. They become unlikely allies in a mutual war against some of the worst Mafia criminals. When everything looks hopeless for Schaeffer’s survival due to him being so vastly outnumbered, a clever solution presents itself.

I would recommend any of Perry’s books as great reads, and this one is no exception. If you like the thriller genre, you might care to give it a go.