Women as World War 2 draws near

Home Fires is an excellent, beautifully written six episode drama series that follows a group of admirable women as the threat of the second world war looms. The thought of war and each woman’s different feelings really draws you in as a viewer. The overall determination from the women not to be cowed by what war will mean to their lives is the core theme of the show. The very first scene sets the tone as it emphasises strong femininity versus the brutality of war. From the outset I was taken in by the characters and their village routines. While the main storyline is certainly interesting I also enjoyed noticing the smaller things of the era, people kept cash in tins on their mantelpieces and when paying a bill placed their notes in an envelope for example.

Key points I would highlight from this series include:

  • * It is based on true events and the real Women’s Institute which is a women’s social club.
  • * It’s strength lies with the women characters and their determination to make the best of the situation in spite of the approaching outbreak of war. Their sacrifices of wartime and their personal struggles they face in the home.
    • * Men were expected to sign up to go to war and if they didn’t they were shunned.
    • * It features delightful 1940’s attire.

Overall, an understated character-driven series with quaint village scenes, cute houses, delightful fashion, lovely country scenery telling a story of war from the female perspective. Series 2 will be available soon and I am excited to continue the story.