November 23

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

This novel has an authentic voice, and is enriched by an interesting internal dialogue for each of the characters, revealing their insecurities and social facades, their fears and their pride, arising from the tragedy of the death of Janie, and the less obviously consequential tragedies of emotional infidelity, insensitivity and domination and repression which rock and rule more average people’s less sensational lives, but which are eloquently shown here as having massive impact nevertheless.

I personally find the regular rounds of dropping the plot as we move on to the story of a new character a bit disjointed, too repetitive and mildly annoying, but I’m very impressed with Liane Moriarty’s voice. She reminds me a little of Elena Ferrante for the introversion of her voices and their poignant cries of suffering.

This is currently on the Hot Reads shelf at your local Library.