November 28


The Soldier’s Curse by Meg and Tom Keneally

Posted by Neen

The Soldier’s Curse by Meg and Tom Keneally

The Soldier’s Curse is the first installment in a new series by iconic Australian author Thomas Keneally, writing in collaboration with his daughter Meg. It introduces a fascinating investigator in Hugh Monsarrat, and is also a beautifully written exploration of colonial-era Australia, and the conflicts between not only the convicts and their masters, but also the British invaders and the original inhabitants, as all struggle to create a new society in this strange new land.

In the Port Macquarie  penal colony of New South Wales in the 1820’s, opportunistic convict Hugh Monsarrat, has been transported for forgery. He has prospered in his new surroundings, and now in a position of trust as clerk  for Commandant Shelborne. Hugh has also made a friend of the Government House housekeeper, Hannah Mulrooney. When Shelborne’s wife, Honora, dies in suspicious circumstances and Hannah is arrested for her murder, Hugh is desperate to uncover the real killer, because if Hannah is found guilty, she will be hanged.

This series will appeal to those who are keen to explore the history of Australia’s convict era, while enjoying an intriguing mystery. The second book is due for publication early next year, and will be set in the Parramatta Female Factory.