November 30


Little Sister by David Hewson

Posted by Neen

Little Sister by David Hewson

If you like European Noir crime like Wallander and Stieg Larsson, then you will love the Pieter Vos series. Little Sister is number 3 and the latest one after The Wrong Girl and The House of Dolls. David Hewson has also written a series of bestselling novels based on the Danish TV series, The Killing

Hewson is actually British, but his Dutch detective series is word-perfect – gloomily atmospheric, bleak, stark, violent and gripping.

Twin sisters, Kim and Mia Timmers, have been inmates at a secure psychiatric institution since they were ten years old, when the rest of their family were murdered and they were found guilty of killing a famous rock star in the belief that he was the killer. Ten years later, the sisters are being transferred to a half-way house in the custody of a nurse, but the group never arrive. When the body of the nurse is discovered on a deserted beach, Detective Inspector Pieter Vos is sent from Amsterdam to investigate, but every avenue of inquiry seems to lead to more lies and secrets. Were Kim and Mia abducted, or did they kill the nurse and escape? What really happened to the Timmers family ten years ago? And who was really responsible?