Home Fires continues

The Women’s Institute shenanigans, wartime feminism, charming village life and emotive family dynamics continue in season 2 of this fine wartime drama series. Home fires season 2 further emphasises how life went on at home for the women while the menfolk were away fighting at war.

The show delves deeper into the characters lives in this next season and you will appreciate getting to know the main characters more through some rather good storylines. Life seems more vulnerable and death is all around. The butcher’s son is missing, the village victor is taken captive as a P.O.W. and the writer is hospitalised after being injured while reporting overseas. The season is much darker than the first but it also includes some softer scenarios like an elopement and a blossoming romance for one much deserving woman.

The landscape is beautiful and the village is quaint, illustrating historical accuracy. You feel a part of the show as you watch! The cast is remarkable and convincing in the characters they portray. While village life goes on the women still wait, holding their breath for news of their loved ones and for the next announcement on the progression of the war.