Thursday’s Children

Thursday’s Children by Nikki French.

Post by Sandra Taylor.

A  psychological thriller which is quite compelling to read.

A crime is perpetrated many years previously on a teenage girl and later the same crime is committed in a similar set of circumstances on another young girl.

This book deals with the anxiety, the loss of confidence, the heartfelt grief which occurs to a young girl when a serious crime of this nature is perpetrated against another.  It is also a story of strength and survival and battling against the odds in a society where people often do not understand what the victim has been going through.

This book is wonderful for the many lovely settings in the rural countryside of England and also for the  locations described in London, where the main character often enjoyed walking to dispel her fears and also to contemplate as she was walking around the London streets,which were her new surroundings.

She had left her past behind her but unfortunately in her line of work she became involved in the same set of circumstances which had initially caused her to leave her family behind and start a new life in London.

This book deals with the many characters and old friends from the past.  It is an excellent character study of the people in her hometown which she left many years earlier.  It is also a mystery story and a story of sadness as well as finding the truth in matters and doing the right thing.

This book is well recommended.  An excellent story.