December 08


Between a Wolf and a Dog

Between a Wolf and a Dog by Georgia Blain.

Post by Robne55.

In the world of books today it often seems that authors are continually trying to outdo each other. Bigger stories, better plot-lines, more complicated characters – think Stephen King, or James Patterson. All extraordinary things happening to ordinary people.

What would happen if an author wrote about ordinary things happening to ordinary people? How would that book read? Very well, as it turns out. That is exactly what Georgia Blain has done in Between a Wolf and a Dog.

The lives of Ester, April, Hilary ect. are lives that anyone of us could and probably have lived – the life of a mother, wife, or sister. So what happens when events take place to undermine the foundations of these people. Events such as love, divorce, death, or betrayal. In other words, happenings that are the fabric of everyday life for us all.

This is what Georgia Blain has written and she does it so very well. There is no blood, horror, or monsters in this book – no walking dead, but it has the same impact. She shows that our own lives can be just as full of drama as a Stephen King blockbuster or a bomb blast in a city cafe. Maybe domestic life is a mine-field!

A great book, wonderfully conceived, beautifully written.