Roma: from prison to paradise as told by Rachel Syers and Karin Cox tells the life story of Gold Coaster Roma Blair. It would be easy to typecast the  iconic Roma Blair if you only knew of her ladies lunches, exorbitant birthday bashes, appearances at fashion events, prestigious gathers and in The Gold Coast Bulletin newspapers social pages however prior to living in Surfers Paradise (and elsewhere on the Gold Coast) Roma’s life was one of great diversity, including a period of pure hell as a prisoner of war in an Indonesian prison camp.

Roma Blair was Australia’s first proxy bride, she has been dubbed “the mother of yoga” in Australia, her party trick at her 80th birthday was doing the splits and she is a Gold Coast icon.

This relaxed biography captures the highlights and low lights of her incredible life and it reminds the reader that even the most “ordinary” looking person, can be the most remarkable and have an incredible story to tell.