The Light Between Oceans

The plan was conceived by despair, and birthed in remote isolation and anonymity.

The lighthouse keeper and his wife live a Spartan life. Their wants and needs are relatively simple. That is until a small boat washes up on the remote Janus Island’s treacherous rocks. The occupants of the small vessel are a young baby, and a dead man. The lighthouse keeper and his wife presume the man is her father and that he has suffered a heart attack. They presume that the infant’s mother has fallen victim to the perils of the unforgiving ocean. This occurrence offers a glimmer of opportunity. They act. Maybe their prayers have been answered? The baby is certainly a miracle and a blessing. Or is it? Thus the baby becomes a resident in the lighthouse. Is it an act of compassion or total selfishness? You be the judge.

The issues of morals, right and wrong, truth and lies, light and darkness underlie what is ultimately a touching story of love and familial need.

The Light between oceans was an enjoyable read and it remains a popular choice for book clubs.