The Sandalwood Tree

The Sandalwood tree by Elle Newmark tells dual tales of Evie & Martin and Felicity & Adela.

Set in 1947, Americans Evie and Martin Mitchell and their five year old son are living in an Indian village whilst historian Martin documents a country on the verge of partition. Rewind ninety three years to 1854 when Britons Felicity and Adela are living in the same Indian village, in fact in the same house. The ladies are breaking all conventions and defying social protocol. Felicity and Adela shun the social “fishing (for a husband) fleet” and are living in the village on their own terms.

Despite the centuries of difference between Evie &Martin and Felicity &Adela their lives become curiously intertwined. This historical fiction novel centres around old secrets, mysterious letters and unfortunately stereotyped characters. After absolutely adoring Elle Newmark’s novel The Book of unholy mischief, I was eager to read The Sandalwood tree but it was too cliched for my liking, too fluffy and sadly I was very disappointed.