January 09

14th Colony – Steve Berry – A Cotton Malone Adventure

Shot down over Siberia in what was to be a simple meet-and-greet-mission, ex-Justice Department agent Cotton Malone is forced into a fight for survival against Aleksandr Zorin, whose loyalty to the former Soviet Union has festered for decades into an intense hatred of the United States.

This is the 11 th story in the Cotton Malone series by Steve Berry.  If you get a kick out of Dan Brown novels, this is a great series to read.  Steve Berry’s brilliance is to take historic fact and weave it into current day conspiracies.  The novels are always action-packed and the political/spy angle of the story is always enjoyable.

Most of the Cotton Malone novels can be read as standalone novels.  Although I read the previous book in the series, I can’t remember enough of the storyline to comprehend the constant reference to the “what happened in Utah” plotline in this novel.

Steve Berry’s books are always gripping page turners, however, I think he is becoming a little like author Lee Child (who writes the Jack Reacher series) in that there seems to be a hit and miss on some of the books published.  The 14th colony is an entertaining read, but probably not his best work.  I would still recommend this title to others.