March by John Lewis

Those of you interested in current affairs may know there has been a Twitter spat between The President-Elect of the United States, Mr Trump, and Representative John Lewis. I’d like to flag that we have Mr Lewis’s graphic novels in our collection. John Lewis was deeply involved in the MLK-era civil rights movement, and is the last surviving speaker from the March on Washington (he was one of the speakers before Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech). He later had his skull fractured in the Selma to Montgomery Marches by a state trooper. His autobiography was published in prose, but was also adapted into the three volumes of the graphic novel March.

March is black and white, and doesn’t go for the flashy effects of superhero comics, but it shows what this medium can do in the fields of education and advocacy. I recommend you check these books out, if either the format or the subject matter seem interesting to you. Lewis’s work here is an easy entry point for non-Americans who want to understand what the Civil Rights Movement was about, and how the events played out.

All three volumes of March are available from City Libraries in paper format, with the first volume also available as an electronic download.