February 01


Reading diary January 2017

What an awful month…

I finished six audiobooks, but the vast majority of them were unsuitable for a general audience, and can’t be recommended.

There was one exception:

Love Romances of the Aristocracy by Thorton Hall was an entertaining book. Imagine a sort of genteel gossip column, written in the late C19th, that provided the raw material for fiction authors like Elizabeth Gaskell. If you like regency romances, but with a harder history edge, I’d recommend it to you.  Certain chapters, like the Peasant Countess, are charming.

The others I read were

The Thirteenth: the greatest of centuries by James Walsh, which covers the rise of the universities well, but that’s an acquired taste in books.

Famous assassinations of history by Francis Johnson.  Good for true crime buffs, but in an older style, less forensic, physical and horrific than modern writing of similar sort.

Life in a Mediaeval City, Illustrated by York in the XVth Century. Pretty much what it says on the tin.

Magna Carta Commemoration Essays  Published in 1915, good for people interested in C13th England, Spain, or later developments in the United States.

Brief Lives by James Aubery: One of those books I put aside after less than an hour, listed mostly to prevent me reading it again.  Too shallow in analysis.  Encyclopedic in the worst way.