The Narrow Road to the Deep North by Richard Flanagan

Reviewed by Bede

The Narrow Road To The Deep North by Richard Flanagan

This award winning novel by Richard Flanagan tells the story of Dorrigo Evans, an Australian doctor who suffers through the trauma, guilt and some parts shame from being a World War Two prisoner of war.

The novel starts slowly, however the descriptions of events and character analysis, especially through the harsh conditions building the Burma Railway, are Flanagan’s best work yet.

While the book is mainly set through the eyes of Dorrigo Evans, it also gives an excellent account from the Japanese soldier side. Whilst never sugar coating their behaviour, it does give a different perspective that is eye opening.

I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for a modern Australian classic that gives an account of a man who lived through an extraordinary time and did remarkable things to survive, both during and after World War Two.