February 09


Rejection Proof : how to beat fear and become invincible by Jia Jiang

Reviewed by Jenni

Rejection Proof : how to beat fear and become invincible by Jia Jiang

This is the fascinating journey of an under-confident person who decided he needed to work on his ability to cope with rejection.

Jiang had a prestigious, high paying job, and was living in the US. He had handled the challenge of moving there alone as a student, so he didn’t lack discipline or courage, but knew that he could achieve more if he rid himself of the burden of fear that he carried, which had stopped him from following his dream to be an entrepreneur.

On the birth of his first child, his wife freed him to follow that dream, giving him 6 months. Toward the end of that time, his idea for an app was rejected by a sponsor and he knew that he needed to face his demons, and try to heal himself.

This is the story of the steps Jiang took to desensitize himself to disappointment and embarrassment. It’s fascinating and cringeworthy and makes you squirm, the things he forced himself to undertake during his 100 days of rejection experiment, and this real and personal journey makes the book as compelling as a novel. Jiang explains the basis of his success and original fears eloquently enough to make him a fascinating character in his own story, and he is sensitive and thoughtful about facing his challenges.  He extracts lots of principles and wisdom from each one, originally recording them in a blog which eventually became virally successful. Almost distracted by offers of fame and money as a blogger, Jiang continued his project and eventually published his results in this fascinating book.

Jiang learns about how to phrase a request, the value of asking for feedback after disappointment, and lots more which he clearly distills at the end of each chapter into lists of advice, which is fantastic because you can see where the advice came from, and then he uses what he has learned in his next challenge.

This work has plenty to offer for anyone who is sometimes lacking in confidence, who has feared failure to the point of self-discouragement, or who is simply interested in learning to move beyond their fears and improve.

This would be just the sort of book to give to somebody who has been discouraged, to help them to climb back up for another try, or to a young person just starting out to face the world.