Believe No One

Believe No One by A. D. Garrett.

Post by Robyne Patterson.

Margaret Murphy and Professor David Barclay are the writing duo known as A. D. Garrett. They have written three crime novels which rely heavily on forensic detail. Professor Barclay is a forensic expert in real life so I think the forensics are a major strength of these stories. Lot’s of gory detail – just what I love.

The novel Believe No One is the second in the series which has Detective Kate Sims and Professor Nick Fennimore (who is of course a forensic expert) hunting down an evil unknown who kidnaps and murders mothers and their young children. Although the first and third books are set in England, the action this time takes place in St Louis U.S.A.

Kate has been sent to work on a cold case review team and Nick soon finds a way to follow. There are obviously unresolved issues between the pair which start in book one and are further explored in the third book. This relationship is well written, simmering below the surface and holding the reader’s interest in what happens next.

Believe No One is a well paced, detail-orientated believable novel with a satisfying conclusion. It is not dissimilar to an earlier Patricia Cornwell, although more lighthearted. A.D. Garrett’s characters are not so angst ridden, but just as driven as Cornwell’s.

I hope this pair keep writing this series, as it would be great to learn more about the new scientific techniques that allow crime busters to – well, bust crime!

An interesting, intelligent novel – Good job.