The Lake House

The Lake House by Kate Morton

Post by Sandra

This is a magnificent story set in Cornwall at a beautiful country  estate

in earlier times of the twentieth century and also the modern day of 2003.

It also involves a wonderful sweep of history, including the first world war

and also the later years after the war.

The characters are detailed with their nuances and personalities and

the author has written a wonderful saga of a family, the beautiful and peaceful

times in the pre-war years where there were picnics by the stream, row boats and

parties and mid summer celebrations and also the consequences and impact suffered

by soldiers who returned from the first world war.


There are many facets to this story, including the disappearance of a young baby,

a mystery which remains unsolved for seventy years.  A detective and a mystery

novelist also contribute to the wonder and magic of this story.  Also the parents

of two siblings, Alice and Deborah, who are now older.  There are many complex

puzzles to solve including the apparent suicide of a novelist and artist friend of the

family, Daffydd Llewellyn, who had written the book of Eleanor’s Magic Doorway,

Eleanor being the mother of Alice and Deborah who appears as Eleanor the Adventuress in the fairy-tale novel.

This book is a wonderful blend of a detective story and police matters, the writing of

detective novels and also romance and love.  It is a fascinating read and gives real insights

into how the various characters think and relate to different situations in their lives.  It is

also quite a philosophical book with many wisdoms expressed in the course of it.

There are whimsical glimpses into the beauty of the earlier years in England

before the war years.  I enjoyed reading this book.