When Christmas Bells Ring

When Christmas Bells Ring by Katie Flynn

Post by Sandra

When Christmas Bells Ring is a story set in Liverpool during

the war years and tells the story of Rosheen, who at age 15 has

twins.  It is also about  her life living with her mother, and the childhood

years of the twins as they grow to adulthood.  Rosheen befriends Cassie

when she eventually goes to work to help in the war effort, and from there

the story becomes quite fascinating.

I enjoyed reading this story for the romance and beauty of the friendships, but it is also about a horse stud in Ireland which is

a wonderful setting.  The story is also enriched by grand-parents and other family members

including Cassie’s father who had firm ideas about his daughter’s future.


The romance in the story also appeals between Cassie and Andy, who have known each other

all their lives, and unexpectedly there is also romance regarding the story of Rosheen’s twins.

There is the true grit between the twins with their appealing personalities and also

descriptions of the terrible times during the war years and the deprivations the people

suffered.  However, through it all they managed to survive and still enjoy their lives.

In a letter to the reader at the beginning of the book the author notes that she wanted to

write about the more human side of twins as children.  In this respect the author has done

wonders.  The story of the twins is quite fascinating and well worth reading.

A lovely book to read which brings Christmas cheer in the final pages when everyone visits Ireland for a

Christmas wedding.