Down the Dirt Roads by Rachael Treasure

indexAs I near the end of Down the Dirt Roads one word starts to stand out, to shine, to sparkle and glitter the pages and that word is LOVE.

Not the love sort through the latest reality shows on television but a love for family, friends, fellowmen (persons), a love for all of God’s creatures, for the soil beneath our feet and for our planet; our earth.

Unless the reader has an interest in the environment, sustainability, regenerative farming, permaculture etc., they may not question the way our food is grown or why our farming areas are in decline, why there is a need to add more and more fertiliser, pesticide or herbicides to already over stimulated land or why the country’s health bill is escalating.

Rachael was born with an inner knowing, a question of why the modern human race are intent on not treating the landscape as an extension of self. Why the landscape has to be ‘tidy’.

She lost her beautiful farm, her animals, her material possessions that held memories and significance. But with tenacity, questioning and the wish to have her children value and relate to the earth and to love all, Rachael has chosen to give thanks and love to those who hurt her.  Her wish now is to be an advocate for change to help her readers find another way of living with respect for all thus creating healthier and happier human beings.

Thank you Rachael for your story and I look forward to one day reading a ‘new love story’.