Ratings, A Guide How to Rate Stuff on City Libraries Gold Coast Catalogue

Well last year we switched catalogues with a new service provider and have this Encore website you’ve likely accessed Bookcoasters off a link at the bottom of. It does allow one fun function that its predecessor didn’t, that can be very helpful to other potential borrowers, especially those trying to determine which of millions of items they want to squeeze into ten hold spots. That function is that we can rate any item out of five on the catalogue.

Why would you do this?  Well you’d be surprised at how many people come to the counter and want to know if they’ve read the book in their hand.  Of course not being psychic, we obviously have no idea, but one way to know if they have or not, is they can log into the catalogue and search for the book.  If they’ve read it, and taken to the time to rate it, right there on the screen it will tell them not only that they’ve read the book, but if they liked it or not, so they’ll know if they want to read it again.

It’s also a way for you to help other Gold Coast residents to make a borrowing decision.  Sure, they can look at other websites such as Amazon or IMDB, and have them open in a separate tab while they have the catalogue open, but you know those website ratings are not always that accurate, there’s a lot of fake reviews by authors, directors, actors, extras, sellers and well lots of people that profit and have a vested interest from an item having a higher rating than it really deserves. If a book or DVD has a lot of low star ratings, they can flood the product page with five star reviews. Whereas, here on your City Libraries catalogue, the only people who can rate anything, are those who have logged in with their Gold Coast library cards. Maybe some author can lurk around various Gold Coast branch libraries and wait for people who don’t log off after putting something on hold, and then quickly rate their own book five starts without the library customer ever knowing their account has ranked it, but that would be pretty rare. Although a good reminder or why you should always log out.  So we should have a more accurate rating system than retail or other sites that don’t have a closed community. ranking-stuff-log-in


ranking-stuff-log-in-screenYou don’t have to have borrowed items in our catalogue, if you’ve bought a book, music CD or a DVD, you’re opinion is just as valid.  There’s no verified purchases nonsense on our site.  But you do have to be a library member to rate anything.  If you aren’t one, go to your local branch, it’s free to join!

You can log in and vote on anything you watch, read or listen to.  Kids’ books seem to be the most popular (maybe because kids like interacting with technology more than adults).  So pull up the library website at http://catalogue.goldcoast.qld.gov.au/iii/encore/;jsessionid=589A0948D37C2BD5C9D233BE5F014AD0?lang=eng , go to the top right corner and click on the word Login. Yes obviously it should be log in, or this is where you enter your login, but I believe this site was designed by Americans who grammar and spelling aren’t really their thing. After clicking on the word Login, a screen asking you for your user ID will appear.  This is your library card number, the 242 number on the barcode at the bottom of your card.  The rectangle underneath asks for your pin number.  When you joined up your pin number was set as the last four numbers of your phone number.  Unless you’ve changed it, that’s what it is.  If you’ve forgotten it, come into a branch with ID and we can reset it to whatever you want.

ranking-stuffSo now you’re in your account where besides ranking stuff, you can do other cool things like place up to ten items on hold, renew items, see when they’re due back. But to rank something, search for it by title, author, an actor who is in it, or whatever.  Once it is up move your mouse arrow up to the stars and it will show you how many people have contributed to the ranking.
You can also write a review by clicking on the link next to it but you don’t need to, to rank it. This is a downside I suppose compared to Amazon and elsewhere as you might be searching for a DVD, see it has an average rating of three stars and not know one if they were three people voting it three stars, or if two people voted it 5 stars and another 1 star.  You also have no idea why someone voted it two stars.  With retail websites you’ve no doubt read many low ratings by people who don’t like subtitles, ordered a different region DVD to the player they have and that’s somehow the product’s fault, thought the book should be set in New York and not London and stupid things like this.  But without the need for a review, in theory more people should take the time to rate an item.

So to do so put your cursor to the star in line that corresponds with the correct number of stars, click your mouse and you’ve rated it.  That’s it, it’s all done!  You have now contributed in allowing people to know if an item is worthy of them borrowing it or not!


So with this new accurate system comes one inevitable outcome. Awards for the highest and lowest ranking. Now I haven’t monitoring every single book that came through in the last year or so and tallying those results would be an enormous task. But I have done so with movies. So what we have here, is Bookcoasters first ever Award Pages. Coasters ! You and other Gold Coast residents with library cards, decided from over 450 movies, which were the best from those which were added to our collection over the past year. Do major red carpet award ceremony’s like the Oscars agree with Gold Coast residents? Well click here to find out! https://gcbooks.wordpress.com/2017/03/07/you-voted-you-ranked-the-best-movies-voted-by-gold-coast-library-customers-of-new-dvds-that-hit-our-shelves-over-the-past-year/