March 10


Road Series by Hugo Race

I am not usually a reader of biographies, especially of the rock & roll variety but I heard this author interviewed on a radio program & I really wanted to read this book.

I am so glad I did.

Road Series by Hugo Race is the raw, restless, edgy, impulsive and sometimes confronting biographical account of Hugo Race’s time travelling the world with various bands and musicians.

Each chapter could almost stand alone as a short story as they detail his world travels and the relentless and grueling touring lifestyle.

Drugs, alcohol, lack of sleep, fractured relationships, jet lag, road trips, recording studios and gigs. The toll on his relationships and physical health is hard to read about at times yet he is driven by his love of and desire to make music. His quest to make music leads him to some of the most beautiful, historical, fascinating and dangerous places on the planet yet it has come with many sacrifices along the way.

Race’s command of language is masterful and it grabbed me from the first few pages. It’s a rough and sometimes uncomfortable journey but a glimpse behind the apparent glamour to the gritty and real.

“Music is my cure, blues that cut to the heart of things, looking for answers when there is none to be found”.