April 05


Encouraging Words for Kids by Kelly Bartlett

Post by Voula

Kelly Bartlett is a parent educator who aims to teach parents and caregivers the power of 16173282the spoken word as an influential tool. She differentiates between encouragement and praise and how to convey acceptance versus approval.

In her book Kelly explores that the best way to build up children is to emphasise the process over the product. Kelly believes that when we respond to children’s achievements there is more value in using words of encouragement for example, “You did it!” instead of words of praise such as “That was excellent”. She argues that simple praise feels good momentarily but it is more meaningful to teach children to approve of their own actions.

If, as a parent or caregiver you believe critical thinking and problem solving are vital for children’s  development, reading this book will enable and better equip you to foster trust, inspire confidence and increase self motivation in children simply by your choice of words. Encouraging words for kids is a guide with over 150 examples of phrases that parents can refer to time and time again.