Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson


Her every fear by Peter Swanson

Eager to make a new beginning after a violent ex-boyfriend kidnapped and assaulted her, Kate Priddy readily agrees to a six-month apartment swap with a distant cousin based in Boston. Kate has never met Corbin and really doesn’t know that much about him, but she is still fragile, anxious, and subject to panic attacks as a result of her horrific experience, and hopes that Boston will be a safe haven from the bad memories of London. When Kate arrives in Boston, she discovers that Audrey Marshall, the young woman who lives in the neighbouring apartment, has been reported missing, and according to other residents of the building, Audrey and Corbin were in a relationship. Then Audrey is found murdered, and Corbin’s sudden departure to London now looks highly suspicious to the local police – and to Kate. Corbin insists he is innocent, and Kate doesn’t know what to believe. Did Corbin kill Audrey? Or is one of Kate’s helpful and friendly new neighbours actually a murderer?

Recommended for fans of psychological suspense