April 12


A Curious Beginning / Deanna Raybourn


A curious beginning / Deanna Raybourn

I really enjoyed this book, and just loved meeting Veronica Speedwell, the intelligent and feisty heroine who tackles life head-on. She is brave, independent and capable, but also an appropriate and realistic character for the Victorian era in which she lives, and not just a modern woman crammed awkwardly into a period setting. Raybourn has definitely matured as a writer with this series and this character. I have previously attempted to read one of Deanna Raybourn’s Lady Julia and Nicholas Brisbane novels and didn’t even finish it. I found the writing pedestrian, and the plot predictable and lacking in suspense.  But A Curious Beginning was an utterly delightful reading experience, and will especially appeal to fans of Judith Krentz writing as Amanda Quick and her Ladies of Lantern Street series. I can’t wait for the sequel,  A Perilous Undertaking.