Dancing in the moonlight

Dancing in the Moonlight by Rita Bradshaw.

Post by Sandra Taylor.

This very realistic story is set in England during the depression years

and the lead up to the second world war and its aftermath.  It does seem

to be historical fiction at its best but is also raw and gritty.  It does not spare

the gruesome details of criminal activity or the horrors of the

war years with the bombing of civilian towns.

It is also a beautiful story of a romance between two of the main characters,

Lucy, (who attempts to bring up her younger siblings  to spare them the iniquities of

the orphanages and work houses as she understood them to be at the time from the

stories she had heard about these places from her own parents) and also Jacob, whom

she has known all of her life.

Sadness, poverty and heartbreak seem to be her lot in life until her life turns around

when she marries a fishmonger, a widower who also takes in her siblings at a time when

they were at near starvation level.  The story has many turns and twists and her marriage

to the fishmonger is only one of the compelling pieces in this amazing saga of a tale of

love between Lucy and Jacob.

This book is highly recommended as it gives so many details of life in England amongst the

working classes during the depression years.  It is extraordinary the way the author has brought

her characters to life with fascinating  accents and dialogue.