April 18


It was only ever you

It Was Only Ever You by Kate Kerrigan

Post by Sandra.

This book is a wonderful story about three girls in the early years of rock and roll.  The story starts out in Ireland, County Mayo, and later is set in the halcyon days of New York where there were dance clubs and venues which seemed to be all the rage for the younger set.

Firstly, there was Rose, a doctor’s daughter, who I would have believed while reading the book, had a doomed romance mostly caused by time and distance, though this does not really seem to be the case.   However, perhaps there is scope for a sequel to this fascinating story.  Then there is Ava, who is impulsive and in some respects wishes to escape the staid complacency and predictability of her conventional  life and rushes into matters without thinking clearly and finally there is Sheila, who is completely different from the other two women.  Sheila likes to give the impression she is tough and hard but this is just a guise and does not reveal her true character, which is not as it seems.

Patrick Murphy, also from Ireland, as is Rose, is a new immigrant to New York and also an inspiring singer of Irish ballads who wishes to make a name for himself in the music scene in New York.

This book is a page turner and seemed very authentic to me in tone and also the era of the rock and roll music.  It seemed to be a nice age where people enjoyed themselves dancing and loved the new style of music.

The human element and spiritual element is also present in this story.  It is very beautiful and well recommended.