More Bitter Than Death

More Bitter than Death by Camilla Grebe and Asa Traff.

Post by Robyn.

A very good read about a very important subject.

When a group of women get together to share and perhaps try to make sense of their experiences of domestic violence, they could not have predicted the chain of events that follow.

All of the women have a unique story to tell of their dreadful experiences and this is interwoven with that of their therapists.


I love the story within a story feel of this book.That of Siri the group leader unable to let go of the husband she lost,and move on with her new partner.


Aina,who just can’t seem to get it right when it comes to relationships,and Sven their colleague who is coming apart after his wife leaves him. These are the people who will be guiding this fragile group of traumatized woman.It hardly seems plausible does it?


However in the hands of these capable authors these stories and those of the domestic violence victims mesh together  into a cohesive whole that will have you frantically turning pages until the stunning conclusion.


I cannot tell you enough how impressed I am by the clever plotting of this book although it is not an easy read,but it is well worth the effort.


A horror story, murder mystery and psychological thriller all bitter than death-so read it and be chilled to the bone.