Trollhunters by Guillermo del Toro and Daniel Kraus

This action/fantasy book is for younger teen audiences, something which is not entirely clear in the blurb given for it on BorrowBox, where I downloaded the audio. The audio is great: the reader does each character distinctly.

The plot is a little flat, but that could be because it is for a young age group, and so it needs to stick a little more closely to formula than I’d have preferred. It’s well written in the sense of being atmospheric, but for a adult audience there are many places where the listener is struck by the fact that a described thing makes a great visual, but no particular sense.

The book revolves around a boy whose father is ridiculously overprotective, because the boy’s uncle was taken by a monster during their youth. When the main character starts seeing the monster himself, he panics, until he and his best friend are drawn, unexpectedly, into a subterranean war. They and a small bad of unusual allies must protect their city from a Lovecraftian horror.

Available from the Library Service in text, e-text, audio and e-audio.  Worth a read if you are into the BeastQuest/Deltora sorts of books, although with a slightly heavier horror angle.