May 31

Z nation : zombie series with bite!

Z Nation is focused on the characters quest to save the world and to look good doing so rather than to simply survive. To put it bluntly it is definitely not a Walking Dead rip-off, it’s a standalone apocalyptic series which offers the viewer a fun time without thinking too much about the human condition. Z Nation is a series to watch if you enjoy seeing zombie guts splattered across the screen in every episode and lots of laugh out loud moments.

The dialogue isn’t high quality but the make-up is awesome and the acting caliber in the cast is impressive. Still, it does touch on post-outbreak subjects like a lower average life expectancy, very low pregnancy rates, and killing people who have been bitten out of mercy to prevent them from being zombified. These subjects are dealt with lightly as the storytelling unfolds with hope being the key focal point. It reflects a sense of a possibility happy ending.

The series follows Mark, a soldier with an assignment to transport a package across the country that will have a crucial impact on the fate of the world. This ‘package’ is Murphy, a criminal who may hold the key to everything because he is the only known survivor of a zombie bite thanks to being injected with an experiential vaccine. Murphy is very uncooperative and he is not interested in being involved in any possible cure. Murphy’s resistance sees Mark accept the help from some other survivors and relationships begin to form, some genuine others shady. As they continue on this journey across the country, Murphy starts to display some very interesting behaviour, he seems to be transitioning from human to quasi human. He could even have the ability to control zombies with his mind!

It packs a real punch with its action, blood, gore and will hook the viewer from the very first episode if you enjoy a bit of slapstick hilarity with your zombie fix. The first season had me laughing the way through, in particular a scene that involved a giant zombie killing cheese wheel 🙂 This glee is the shows real appeal as it laughs at itself and aims to get you giggling too. I think to combine amusement with a zombie infested world is pure genius for a series. Season 1 -3 are currently on the City of Gold Coast Library catalogue.