Deeper than Dead by Tami Hoag


Deeper than the Dead is the first book in the Oak Knoll series. It is a thriller, set in the 1980’s in the quiet Californian community of Oak Knoll. Murders just don’t happen in Oak Knoll, so you can imagine the shock waves throughout the community when three school children stumble across the body of a partially buried woman in the woods. Her eyes and mouth are glued shut. There is a serial killer on the loose…..

The children’s caring teacher, Anne Nevarre, is fully aware of the effect of such an experience on the children. As Anne tries to guide and protect the children, she becomes heavily involved in their lives and unknowingly becomes the focus of the attention of the serial killer.  The Sheriff’s department calls in the FBI and fresh agent Tony Mendez is sent to investigate. Experienced FBI profiler Vince Leone, who is recovering from being shot to the head, agrees to help find the sociopath.  During the investigation, secrets of the children, their family and friends come to light and show that the community of Oak Knoll isn’t as innocent as it seems. Vince also becomes romantically involved with Anne.

This is the first book that I have read by Tami Hoag and I really enjoyed her writing style and the story.  However, while the plot was unpredictable, I was disappointed in the ending. In spite of this, I am keen to read the next book of the series Secrets to the Grave.