City of Secrets by Stewart O’Nan

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City of Secrets by Stewart O’Nan

Jerusalem, 1945. Left homeless after World War Two, thousands of displaced Jewish refugees attempted to reach Palestine. However, they were regarded as illegal aliens by the interim British authorities, and were forced to rely on an underground network of sympathisers to hide them and provide new identities. Brand is one such refugee. He lost everything in the war, but with the help of the Underground, Brand now has a new identity as a Jerusalem taxi-driver. But Brand cannot escape his memories, and his new life is tainted by his grief and despair. His sense of obligation to those who helped him leads him to volunteer for increasingly dangerous secret missions in support of the Resistance fighting to claim Palestine as the Jewish homeland. But Brand’s final mission will change the course of history. City of Secrets is a beautifully-written novel of intrigue and identity which explores how, even when our intentions are noble, our actions can cause devastating and unintended consequences.