The Thirst

The Thirst by Jo Nesbo.

Post by Robyn55.


As many of you will know This is the much anticipated new Harry Hole thriller.


Jo Nesbo has written 10 previous novels in which Harry Hole is his hero, and


what a hero.This book does not disappoint. Harry is once again on the trail of a


violent and relentless killer and as usual there are enough red herrings to feed a


pod of dolphins.


Nesbo is a master at contrasting the horror with the mundane as his other


characters go about their normal lives, even Harry who starts the book happily


married at last. This blissful state of affairs is not to last when Harry is called back to


head up a team to find a serial killer who has a unique method of dispatching his


victims.Not only is Harry and his new family affected by these murders but so are


his friends and colleagues. Not all for the worst maybe!


As usual there is plenty of hard violence in this book so do not read if you have a


weak stomach but for the millions of Jo Nesbo fans he does not disappoint.


I love this book and give it a thumbs up.